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Manual handling training course

manual handling training courseYou may be wondering what a manual handling training course is doing on a website that is devoted to the training of forklift truck operators? When the 1992 manual handling regulations were introduced, many forklift training companies decided to conduct manual handling courses and we were no exception. At that time I was in charge of AES Training Services and I put together a course on manual handling techniques consisting of both theory and practical training along with associated risk assessment. I first conducted this course at Palethorpes in Market Drayton, Shropshire in early 1993.

Over the years the course has changed, been amended and updated and the end result is reproduced here. It consists of a series of slides dealing the following subjects:

Without EU legislation it's doubtful if manual handling training courses would be in such demand in the UK and so the first part of this course deals with both EU and UK legislation and gives some background on how the 1992 manual handling regulations came into being. You can download a PDF copy of the 1992 Manual Handling Regulations here.

Please note that a large part of the Manual Handling Regulations requires risk assessments to be carried out and the Health and Safety Executive have produced MAC assessments to assist safety professionals. You can download a free copy of these in PDF form here.

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